All our services are run as one consolidated operation, from start to an end.

Quality-Assured Earthworks Handling Professionals

Ground X Site Services has been servicing civil construction clients in the Metro Vancouver area for the last 14 years. From our most recent experience of providing partnered services for the LRT project for SNC Lavalin Evergreen line we learned firsthand the benefit of engaging fully in understanding each stage of the project – and adapting with the job as it progresses. Establishing the rules of engagement early, identifying clear expectations and key communication points is extremely important in having Ground X as a strategic service partner.

Thanks to our single-point-of-contact project management model, where we assign "Project Specialist" who is dedicated to the entire project, a service quality is assured. No new person each day. One specialist from the beginning to an end, who knows all aspects of the project.

Our operations and field operations staff are trained and committed to safety and to minimizing our environmental impact. All of our services handled as one consolidated operation. We utilize up to date technologies such as GPS, routing software, and digital communication mediums to keep all facets of our service connected to allow for seamless and proactive ommunication with our clients. Having all services captured by a central operational hub ensures synergies are captured and a full understanding of each site's needs.

Our internal information system allows us to log, organize, dispatch, track and report on each service and activity ordered. We can provide up to date, real time information as well as historical records of services when required.