Quality-Assured Earthworks Handling Professionals

We operate a fleet of 124 power units consisting of the following

  • Tandem dump trucks
  • Tri axel dump truck & tri axel ponies
  • Tri axel dump trucks with quad wagon dump trailers
  • Tractor with tri axel end dump trailers
  • Truck & Transfer
  • Truck & Quads

Trucks can be hired strictly for material hauling or for disposal at our recycling facilities. To ensure direct and on-time deliveries, all trucks are equipped with:

  • VHF and CB Radios
  • GPS Beacons
  • 24x7 Dispatch

Our 24x7 availability allows us to meet the most demanding schedules and provide service when you need it most. Please call , send an e-mail to customerservice@groundx.ca, or fill-out our contact form to discuss your needs.


We have the specialist equipment, technology, and team to take care of any emergency or maintenance situation — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Open 24 hours