Deliver. Dig. Haul. Dispose.

And Evetything In-Between

Based in Coquitlam, BC, Ground X provides transparent and efficient earth works services to heavy construction infrastructure projects in the Metro Vancouver area. We haul, dispose or recylce soil and construction waste materials.

With our extensive fleet of trucks, equipment and three material processing yards and facilities across the GVRD, we are well positioned to provide cost and time optimized trucking and construction material disposal or recycling services.

Trucks & Equipment

Disposal & Recycling Facilities

Years in Business

Projects Completed or Took Part-In

Our Services

  • Hauling | Dump Trucks

    Fleet of 80+ dump trucks and power units to transport all types of materials from earth work spoils, concrete, asphalt, asphalt grindings, sludges and slurries.

  • Delivering | Flat Decks & Cranes

    Our modern fleet of flat deck and crane trucks are ready to move any standard or over-dimensional deck loads.

  • Civil Site Work Contractors

    We provide all-inclusive equipment dispatch and materials recycling project management packages.

  • Material Disposals

    Removal and disposal of X1 materials, soil and construction wastes.

  • Construction Wastes Recycling

    At our three X3 material recycling facilities we break and crush concrete, as well as asphalt grindings, with end products being fully recycled aggregates that are ready for use again.

  • HydroVac Services & Hydro Excavations

    We excavate gently and safely without damaging underground infrastructure.

  • Water Trucks

    To ensure direct and on-time deliveries, all trucks are equipped with VHF and CB Radios, GPS beacons and 24/7 dispatch.

  • Earthwork Equipment Rentals

    We have the expertise and equipment for all types of earth works and civil construction projects.

  • Aggregate Material Sales

    We supply and transport quality aggregate material, including asphalt grindings, 3" minus (recycled concrete), 19mm road base, 3/4" clear crush, construction sand, pit run, landscape boulders, top soil and bark mulch.

  • Concrete Lock Blocks & Barriers

    We supply and deliver new and used concrete lock blocks, as well as traffic barriers.

  • The "Project Specialist"

    With our single-point-of-contact project management model, where we assign "Project Specialist" who is dedicated to the entire project, a service quality is assured. No new person each day. One specialist from the beginning to an end, who knows all aspects of the project.

  • Technology for Efficiency

    Our entire fleet is equipped with GPS tracking and on-board communication technologies, allowing our dispatch staff to manage logistics efficiently as one consolidated operation.

  • WE ARE

Our 24x7 availability allows us to meet the most demanding schedules and provide service when you need it most. Please call , send an e-mail to, or fill-out our contact form to discuss your needs.


We have the specialist equipment, technology, and team to take care of any emergency or maintenance situation — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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