Our Very Own Project Management Model

Pursuit of Quality Assurance

With our single-point-of-contact project management model, where we assign our "Project Specialist" who is dedicated to the entire project, a service quality is assured. No new person each day. One specialist from the beginning to an end, who knows all aspects of the project.

From our past experiences and by listening to our clients' requests and feedback our service model for projects of large scope is to provide a single point of contact. This "Project Specialist" will be dedicated to the project and responsible to gather and collect the information necessary at each stage of project required to successfully execute the highest level of service.

Through proactive communication, and frequent quality control site checks and visits we strive to become a resource for the project itself and to anticipate the needs as each stage progresses.

Having a dedicated single point of contact that coordinates directly with your project contacts and our internal dispatch operations team and field operations ensures efficiencies are captured in evaluating service needs, dealing with operational issues, and continually looking for value to provide the project. This concept has been proven to be a great success in both current and past projects. /

Our 24x7 availability allows us to meet the most demanding schedules and provide service when you need it most. Please call , send an e-mail to customerservice@groundx.ca, or fill-out our contact form to discuss your needs.


We have the specialist equipment, technology, and team to take care of any emergency or maintenance situation — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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